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Chocolate Orange Bath Bomb Recipe

A great stocking filler, packed with chocolately orange aromas and great novelty value Difficulty Level: Medium  Equipment List: Accurate Scales, Bowl, Spatula, Mould, Spray bottle Formula: Ingredients % To Make 1kg Bicarbonate of Soda 53.5 535g Citric Acid 26.7 267g Corn Starch 15.7 157g Almond Oil 1.6 16g Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil 1.6 16g Chocolate […]

Pumpkin & Rosehip Facial Serum For Oily and Combination Skin

  Nourishing and easily absorbed, this serum is great for those with oilier skin types. Helps to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin. Difficulty Level: Easy I’ve struggled with oily skin all my adult life and for a long time it was frustrating not being able to find a good facial serum that worked with my […]