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Social Responsibility[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]For the team here at Cosmetics Made Easy, running a business is not simply about making a profit. It’s a way of life we have chosen and with it comes responsibilities as well as opportunities. We can make a real difference with the choices we make and the interactions we have with you the customer, suppliers and the local community. We are doing all we can to make positive choices but please tell us if you can think of anything that we can do better.


We believe in the mantra Reduce, Recycle, Reuse 

The goods we send you can be fragile and sometimes have to travel across the globe, so our packaging has to protect them from the rigours of delivery systems until they are safely in your hands. This doesn’t mean we have to resort to cheap and unsustainable polystyrene and plastic bubble wrap.


Instead we…

  • Re-use the packaging our suppliers send us, and tell them we are not happy when they use environmentally unsound materials
  • Ask you to re-use the packaging we send you
  • Choose recycled packaging products where possible
  • Choose fully recyclable cardboard boxes, paper wrap and paper filler
  • Choose glass, HDPE or PET containers for our products that are all widely and easily recyclable
  • Use recyclable stand-up pouches and mailing bags where this results in a lower environmental footprint for the life-cycle of the product



We keep out waste to an absolute minimum, meticulously re-using and recycling everything we can. We even have our own on-site compost bin. The compost produced helps to fertilise our family allotment and we share the excess proceeds with anyone who works with us.

Our energy is all supplied by Ecotricity who use all renewable sources and are driving change for more responsible energy production for the UK. Even though the energy is sustainable, we still try to use as little as possible, occupying only the space we really need and paying attention to our usage. We also avoid dirty fossil fuels by using only an electric vehicle for company travel.


With our range including products from exotic and less developed countries, sustainability is always a major concern for us. Yes, we want to bring you innovative and unusual ingredients, but not at the long or short term expense of our planet and other people. Here is what we do to ensure our activities are as sustainable as possible so that you can feel positive about choosing us as your supplier:

  • Palm Oil – yes, its cheap and easy to use, but it is an environmental headache. Sustainable sources currently only serve to encourage unsustainable farming methods where rainforest habitats are being destroyed. We have taken the approach of avoiding the product all together – after all there are lots of great alternatives to explore.
  • GMO – we do not knowingly stock GMO ingredients. We actively seek GMO free sources and confirm this wherever possible. This is still a very grey area on a sustainability front, and perhaps one day it will be a necessity, but until we know more, we prefer to say no to GMO.
  • UK Suppliers – lots of the raw ingredients for our products can be grown in the UK an we actively seek out independent UK supplies to reduce mileage and support our farmers.

We are always watching the industry for sustainability and environmental issues that could affect us and share what we hear through our BLOG.  Where a product we stock becomes problematic we will always seek to find a more responsible source or recommend alternatives to you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]