Corn Starch (Maize Flour)

Fine corn starch, excellent for thickening liquid products, adding a luxurious feel to soaps and hardening bath bombs & melts

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Corn Starch

INCI: Zea Mays (Corn) Starch

CAS Number: 9005-25-8

General Description:

Corn starch is a very fine, white powder milled from the inner endosperm of the corn kernel (corn flour is made from the whole kernel and is less fine). This is a food grade flour that can also be used in cooking as a low GI, gluten free thickener. It is also known as maize flour or maizena.

In cosmetics, corn starch is used for its thickening and absorbency properties. It absorbs oils and moisture exceptionally well, as well as carrying fragrance which makes it a great alternative to talc. In bath bombs and melts, it helps to harden and stabilise the product and gives a soft feel. It also lends this luxurious skin feel to both solid and liquid soap products.

When using corn starch, blend into a paste with a little liquid and add more liquid gradually to prevent lumps forming. If using as a thickener, the product needs to be heated through for several minutes.

100g, 500g and 1kg packs are supplied in resealable, zip lock foil bags for ease of use and to maximise freshness. 5kg is double wrapped in plastic and boxed. 25kg are supplied in sacks as supplied to us by the manufacturer.

Shelf Life: 2 Years


  • Hardening Bath bombs and fizzes
  • Thickening Products
  • Very mild exfoliant
  • Luxuriant feel to soaps
  • Fragrance Carrier
  • Face Masks – blend with your favourite hydrosol, milk, honey or yoghurt.
  • Alternative to talc
  • Filler in dry products

SDS and COA available

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100g, 200g, 25kg, 5kg, 1.9kg, 450g, 950g


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