Vitamin E Tocopherol (Synthesised)

Synthesised Vitamin E Tocopherol (d-alpha tocopherol acetate). Excellent antioxidant, prolonging the life of products and preventing the rancidity of oils & butters.

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Vitamin E Tocopherol (Synthesised)

INCI: Tocopherol

CAS Number: 7695-91-2

General Description: A thick, syrupy liquid, 1000 IU/g, feels sticky on the skin if undiluted. Vitamin E is a classic choice as an antioxidant and can extend the life of oils and butters by preventing rancidity. It may also control the formation of harmful peroxides in essential oil blends. It has two stages of activation – firstly when added to the product, then secondly when applied to the skin.

In skincare, Vitamin E penetrates deeply giving a strong antioxidant effect on the cells. May reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring. May reduce redness cause by sun exposure or radiotherapy. Protects connective tissue from damage caused by free radicals and pollution.

We stock both natural and synthesised vitamin e, so take care to choose the oil best suited to your application.

  • Synthesised Vitamin E (CAS 7695-91-2) – dl-alpha tocopherol acetate, chemically extracted from acetic acid. Lighter in colour, longer shelf life, more tolerant of heat
  • Natural Vitamin E (CAS 54-28-4) – d-mixed tocopherols, naturally extracted from soy beans, GMO free, amber colour, stronger healing properties, heat sensitive (keep below 40c), 30% Sunflower Seed Oil

Supplied in amber glass bottles (500ml bulk is PET bottle)

Shelf Life: 2 Years


  • Antioxidant
  • Not a stand-alone preservative
  • Inclusion level generally 1 – 5%
  • Oil Soluble
  • Protects and regenerates the skin
  • Dry, mature, damaged skin

SDS and COA available

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Bottle Size

10ml, 30ml, 100ml, 500ml


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