Organic Sodium Bentonite Clay

Organic sodium bentonite clay is great for drawing out dirt and toxins from the skin, leaving it feeling cleansed and rejuvenated. A great addition to hair & body masques and cleansers. Bentonite clay is best suited to normal, oily or combination skin types.

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Organic Sodium Bentonite Clay

INCI: Bentonite

CAS Number:

Country of Origin: USA

General Description: Sodium bentonite is a highly absorbent, fine beige powder. Sometimes confused with the less absorbent Fullers Earth (calcium bentonite) which is used as a colon cleanser. It can be tricky to achieve a good, spreadable consistency for face masques when using only bentonite – it is best to mix it with kaolin.

This is sodium bentonite clay, also called pascalite, and not to be confused with Fuller’s Earth (Calcium Bentonite). This smectite (montmorillonite) type clay is formed from weathered volcanic ash

Skin Type: Normal, Oily, Combination

Uses: Bentonite is primarily used for body cleansing masques as it is highly effective at drawing out impurities and fluids. Apply a thick layer to ease aching muscles and joints; use as a poultice to soothe blisters and insect bites.

Guidance on using your clay:

  • When creating masques, use 5-40% clay
  • To hydrate your clay, sprinkle it onto the water or hydrosol (rather than adding the liquid to the clay). Wait for it to absorb the liquid before stirring. This will help you to achieve a smooth, lump-free paste.
  • Try adding fragrant oils, carrier oils and herbs to create a more luxurious product
  • Remove the clay masque before it dries completely – the clay is only active whilst wet. To extend the active period you can spray the clay with water or floral water to keep it wet.
  • Detoxifying Bath – sprinkle 200g of clay into your bath water to draw impurities from all your skin.
  • Clays will dissolve in extreme pH environments

General Information on Clays:

  • Natural and organic cosmetic grade clay
  • Supplied in a re-sealable, airtight pouch to keep your clay dry and fresh
  • Not irradiated or washed (baked at a high temperature to kill off microbes)
  • No added colours, preservatives or fragrances
  • Free from polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and dioxin contamination
  • Colour may vary from batch to batch
  • SDS and COA available on request
  • Store in a closed container, dry and out of direct light
  • 2-4 year shelf life
  • Coloured clays may stain

There are many different grades of clay available, including those designed for industrial, agricultural and crafting use. When using clays on the skin, it is very important to purchase cosmetic grade product. These clays have been carefully graded and treated to control microbes and ensure purity. Considerably cheaper pricing is one of the main indicators of a non-BP product that may not be safe or suitable for use on the skin.

When buying clays, always check the INCI and SDS – common English names and added colours can be misleading and you may not end up getting the product you needed.

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