Lavender Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Concentrated lavender vanilla fragrance oil, free from DPG and suitable for cosmetics, skincare, candle making, oil burners, soap making, bath bombs and more. Dilute before applying to the skin and test for aroma and stability before applying to a large batch of product.

Supplied in easy-to-use squeezable dropper bottles with batch code & best before date. IFRA, SDS and COA available with maximum inclusion levels and allergy advice.

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Lavender Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Our fragrance oils are specifically blended to provide the quality and concentration needed for use in making cosmetics and skincare. They contain no DPG and are of the highest quality. They are supplied in squeezable bottles with droppers for easy use.

Fragrance oils are a blend of many natural and synthetic compounds, carefully formulated by our fragrance house associates. They are often used instead of essential oils where an aroma is not available (e.g. strawberry), where only an aroma is needed and the essential oil is very expensive (e.g. jasmine), or where the properties of fragrance oil may be better suited than essential oil (e.g. flash point, allergens, instability)

Suitable for: Candle Making, Bath Bombs, Cosmetics & Skincare, Soap Making, Wax Melts, Oil Burners and to make Reed Diffuser Oils. Our fragrance oils are skin safe, but they should not be applied undiluted to the skin; safe inclusion levels can be found on the IFRA certificate within the SDS.

The fragrance should always be tested in a small quantity of finished product for both aroma and stability. In cold pressed soaps fragrance oils can interact unpredictably and should be tested with the specific base in case of seizing, faster gelling or discolouration.

IFRA, COA and SDS documentation available on request. All bottles marked with best before and batch code for full traceability.

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