Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil (Jasminum Officinale)


Pure & Natural Jasmine absolute essential oil with a characteristically sweet, rich, warm, floral and exotic aroma.

Suitable for use in aromatherapy, soap making, skincare & cosmetics, bath bombs, oil burners and diffusers. See below for a detailed description and to download the SDS, Allergens Declaration and COA


Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

General Description: Jasmine is an evergreen climbing plant with small star shaped white flowers. The oil is very expensive as it requires a huge number of flowers and a labour intensive extraction method. The flowers are hand-picked at night, when their aroma is strongest, soaked in oil for several days, then the absolute solvent extracted. Sometimes called the king of oils, jasmine has a very strong initial aroma, is long lasting and less feminine than other florals. It is very concentrated and a little goes a long way – because of the tiny amounts needed in many recipes, we also offer a 5% dilution for ease of use. Botanical Family: Oleaceae

There are many synthetic and nature identical jasmine oils for sale and, whilst these have their place for fragrance applications, great care needs to be taken when buying true absolute jasmine for therapeutic purposes to ensure authenticity. True Jasmine is very complex with over 100 active constituents and as such is very hard to replicate – synthetics tend to smell a little too sweet.

Commonly associated with: Jasmine is a very versatile oil, not only for its properties but because of the beautiful aroma it brings to any application. For women, it is valuable during menstruation and the early stages of labour. Its alluring, erotic aroma arouses the senses, especially during sexual encounters where it can be appreciated by both men and women. In skincare, jasmine is well suited to dry & sensitive skin types and is particularly useful in preparations for blemished or marked skin. Emotionally, jasmine is associated with confidence and increasing self-worth, releasing inhibitions and increasing playfulness.

Common Name: Jasmine
Botanical Name: Jasminum Officinale
Scent: Sweet, Rich, Warm, Floral, Exotic
Note: Middle
Extraction Method: Solvent Extracted
Country of Origin: India
Plant Part Used: Flowers
Appearance: Deep Amber, Slightly Viscous
Blends well with: Bergamot, rose, sandalwood, lemon, orange, mandarin, clementine, tangerine, ylang
Main Constituents: Benzyl acetate, Benzyl benzoate, Phytol, Squalene 2,3-oxide, Isophytol, Phytyl acetate, Linalool, Squalene, Geranyl linalool, Indole, (Z)-Jasmone, Eugenol

All our essential oils and absolutes are…

• 100% Pure, natural and unadulterated
• Suitable for use by home users and professionals alike
• Suitable for use in diffusers, oil burners, massage and skin care products
• Supplied in dark glass bottles to protect from light
• Fitted with a tamper evident lid and dropper
• Labelled with the common name, botanical name, country of origin, batch code and best before date
• Fully traceable to source
• SDS, allergen declaration and Certificate of Analysis available for download

Using Your Oil Safely & Effectively

• Keep out of the reach of children and animals
• Always dilute before applying to the skin. The safe percentage is different for each oil so should be checked.
• Do not take internally – whilst there is scope for the internal use of essential oils, this should only be done by a trained practitioner.
• Keep away from the eyes and seek medical advice if undiluted essential oil gets in the eye
• Remember, essential oils are potent and only a little is needed
• We recommend that you read our Basic Guide to Using Essential Oils which you can find in our Information Hub

Responsible Marketing

The Medicines act requires that, as vendors of essential oils, we do not say anything that could be interpreted as a medical claim. This means we cannot suggest that essential oils help, alleviate or cure any disease, disorder or medical condition, even very minor conditions like headaches, colds or congestion. Nor can we inform you of any traditional remedial uses of essential oils.
Scientific research is being carried out into the properties of essential oils but as, like wine, the oils vary from batch to batch, the findings can only be applied to the specific batch tested. This means that in the EU, essential oils cannot be licensed to make remedial claims in relation to a specific disease or adverse condition of the body of mind.

We do want you to be as informed as possible when using our essential oils and therefore would suggest that you do your own research either through an accredited aromatherapy course or using reliable books by industry recognised experts Robert Tisserand, Len Price or Shirley Price. The Aromatherapy Trade Council operate a voluntary code of conduct which we abide by and they are a good source of information. Aromatherapists registered with the IFPA may also be able to offer you advice. Please be wary of information you find on the internet as it is mostly unregulated and often promotes unsafe practices and makes unsubstantiated claims.

The information provided by Cosmetics Made Easy is for educational purposes only. It is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder or medical condition. The use of any information provided is the sole responsibility of the user. We advise you to consult with a qualified health care professional prior to using complementary therapies.

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