Gift A Tree


Three native British trees will been planted in your honour at Moonbrook View Farm, Carmarthen.


The Gift of a Tree

Zoey and Elizabeth have pledged to plant 1000 trees a year for the next four years, at their regenerative farm in Carmarthen. For each Gift A Tree, they will plant three young saplings on your behalf. Of these, they expect one not to survive, one to be thinned after ten years, and the last one to remain for it’s natural life.

Wherever possible, they grow trees on site from locally harvested seeds and cuttings. This ensures healthy saplings, ideally suited to the local climate and with a very low carbon footprint.

Native, broadleaf varieties have been chosen to create a new woodland area, excellent for supporting local wildlife and enhancing biodiversity on the site. This new era of planting adjoins an ancient woodland, helping to create much needed wildlife corridors.


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