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Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend

Recipe Sheet Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend Difficulty Level: Easy A blend of pure essential oil that can be diffused, create the base of a room spray or can be added to other products.   Equipment List: Accurate Scales, Jug Formula: Ingredients % To Make 10ml To Make 1kg Lavender Essential Oil 60 6g 600g […]

Blending for Relaxtion

Blending for Relaxation It seems to me that, over time, this core use for aromatherapy has become a little buried, pushed aside for more interesting and adventurous applications. Whilst I love to explore the new and different, it is so important that we remember how important essential oils are in our quest for release from […]

Relaxing Massage Oil Blend

Relaxing Massage Oil Difficulty Level: Easy A synergistic blend of relaxing essential oils in a nourishing base, formulated for excellent skin feel. Equipment List: Accurate Scales, Bottle Formula: Ingredients % To Make 30g To Make 1kg Almond Oil 80 24g 800g Jojoba Oil 18 5.4g 180g Vitamin E 1 0.3g 10g Lavender Essential Oil 0.8 […]