Castor Oil

Pure and natural refined castor oil. Rich and thick, castor oil is protective and healing. Excellent for dry hair & nails and chapped skin.

Suitable for use in aromatherapy, soap making, massage, skincare & cosmetics. See below for a detailed description and to download the SDS, Allergens Declaration and COA

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Castor Oil

Description – A very distinctive oil with a different fatty acid make-up than any other we stock. It is grown extensively in the USA, China and Mediterranean. Whilst it can be eaten, it can cause purging of the digestive system in larger quantities, so do be careful! It is a very rich oil and a little goes a long way, but can be safely applied neat.

Common Name Castor Oil
Botanical Name Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil
Botanical Family Euphorbiaceae
Extraction Method Cold Pressed
Aroma Negligible
Country of Origin Spain
Appearance Pale Yellow, Thick
Skin Feel Absorbs very slowly, creates barrier, slightly sticky, penetrates deeply
Skin Type Damaged, Dry, Afro-Caribbean
Properties Draws dirt, Healing, Barrier, Stimulates skin
Heat Stability
Saponification Value 175-185
Storage 24-36 Months
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Main Constituents (Typical Values) RIcinoleic Acid 85-90% (Specific to castor), Oleic Acid 2-5%, Stearic Acid 1-2%
Natural Vitamin Content Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, Protein

Common Uses

  • Massage – not commonly used as some dislike the skin feel, but can be added up to 15% to create an oil blend with cleansing benefits
  • Cleansing – castor draws dirt to itself making it excellent for the oil cleansing method or cleansing products. Blend with apricot or almond for best effect
  • Healing – apply to damaged, cracked and chapped skin to soften & protect
  • Lip Balm – an excellent addition for cracked, dry lips and to protect from environmental stressors
  • Barrier Cream – an excellent addition to protect hands from ingrained dirt and drying
  • Hair – high fat content and deep penetration makes it ideal for split ends, dry & brittle hair and especially afro hair types
  • Dull, Slack Skin – stimulates collagen and elastin for softer, plumper and more hydrated skin. Blend with avocado or moringa
  • Nails – rub into nails daily for strength and shine

PackagingSupplied in clear PET bottles with flip top lid for easy dispensing. Fully labelled with common name, botanical name, BBE date and batch code. SDS and Certificate of analysis available for download

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Recommended Reading: Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy & Massage (4th Edition, 2008) Len Price with Shirley Price

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