Promoting the Reputation of the Industry

Whilst the cosmetics industry itself is now highly regulated with all personal care products requiring safety assessments and registration before being put on sale, the ingredients industry is much less regulated. There are many ‘kitchen sink’ operators out there and it can be hard to tell who is who. We believe in promoting the reputation of the industry and, as an ethical company with quality a top priority, we promise to:

  • comply with all EU legislation and regulations
  • always supply you with the best quality ingredients we can source
  • supply the ingredient as described and as labelled
  • keep our ingredients pure and never adulterate them with thinners or fillers
  • supply all SDS, Allergen Declaration and Certificate of Analysis documentation
  • provide clear, relevant and accurate information for every product

We label all our products with:

  • Batch Code – every individual item can be traced to source
  • BBE date or POA (period after opening) so you can be sure your ingredient is fresh, packed full of goodness and safe to use
  • INCI name – so you can be sure of exactly what you are buying


Living Wage Employer

When I started Cosmetics Made Easy, a key core value for me was to ensure that we treated all those working for us, employed or as contractors, fairly and with respect. Not only is it simply the right thing to do, it also recognises how valuable staff are to a company, possibly our biggest asset.

Becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer made perfect sense. Whilst the government have made steps in recent years to raise the minimum wage and create a National Living Wage (for over 25s), these figures still don’t account for the real cost of living, the higher cost of living in London or for those aged 18-25 who still have the same living costs as those over 25. I simply don’t think that is fair or good for our country.

As a living wage employer, Cosmetics Made Easy voluntarily pays the Real Living Wage (£8.45/h outside of London as of April 2017) to all workers over 18. This rate is independently calculated based on the real cost of making ends meet. We believe this is better for workers, better for us as an employer (happy workers are productive & effective workers) and better for society.

Local Community

We value our local community and truly believe that by helping each other, life gets better for us all. We are fortunate to have some fabulous, independent businesses on our doorstep and we try to work together in as many ways as we can. We are proud that The Apothecary, Cardiff, was our first local stockist and it gives us a good excuse to pop in for a cup of tea and delicious slice of Michele’s indulgent cake!

Our local businesses work together to create community events such as the Great Get Together and Christmas Lights where local residents and traders turn on their Christmas lights and celebrate the start of the festive season together.

We love those occasions, but it’s the small, daily acts like picking up a piece of rubbish, taking in a parcel for a neighbour or simply taking the time to say hello and share some news that really bring us together as a community.

Trading Fairly Overseas

Where goods do come from abroad, we make efforts to ensure that the workers producing the items are well treated & paid a fair wage for their locality. By working with cooperatives, we can be sure that funds go directly to the workers and back into local communities. Visit our Blog to hear their stories.