Citric Acid (Anhydrous, Fine)

Fine, anhydrous citric acid. Perfect for use in bath bombs and fizzes or for balancing the pH in products.

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Citric Acid – Fine, Anhydrous

INCI: Citric Acid

CAS Number: 77-92-9

General Description: Citric acid is a weak, organic acid that occurs naturally in citrus fruits. Fine, anhydrous citric acid, gives a lovely smooth and even finish to bath bombs and fizzes for a professional looking product. Our product is food grade (also known as E330) and can be used in food and drinks as an acidity regulator and flavour compound.

500g and 1kg packs are supplied in resealable, ziplock foil bags for ease of use and to maximise freshness. 5kg is double wrapped in plastic and boxed. 25kg are supplied in sacks as supplied to us by the manufacturer.

Shelf Life: 2 Years (We recommend using within 6 months if using for bath bombs to maximise fizz)


  • Bath bombs and fizzes
  • pH Balancing agent (we recommend making a 10% solution in water)
  • Enhances the activity of antioxidants
  • May have a bleaching effect on the skin in high concentrations
  • Extend the life of food products by increasing acidity (also called lemon salt) and can be found added to jams & jellies to prevent discolouration and increase gelling.
  • Used in cheese making, ice cream making and fermentation of beer and wine.


Recommended for bath fizzes, pH balancing and to enhance antioxidant activity.

SDS and COA available


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