Beeswax Pellets – Organic


Beeswax Pellets – Organic

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Natural yellow beeswax pellets. Protective and emollient, used to thicken creams and balms or harden bars and soap. Good for candle-making. Suitable for use in aromatherapy, soap making, massage, skincare & cosmetics. See below for a detailed description and to download the SDS, Allergens Declaration and COA.


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Description – We stock 3 types of beeswax which are all in easy to use pellet form. White has been deodorised and bleached to minimise colouring or the finished product, yellow retains its natural honey-like aroma, organic (also yellow) is sourced from bees that are carefully located to ensure they only access organic plants based on knowledge of natural flight distance and height. In addition, the bees are raised without the use of pesticides (strong chemicals used to protect the bees from viruses).


Common Name Beeswax Yellow (Organic)
Botanical Name Cera Alba
INCI Cera Alba (Bees Wax)
Country of Origin UK
Extraction Method Cultivated, Deodorised, Bleached
Aroma Distinctive honey-like
Appearance Mid to dark yellow pellets
Skin Feel
Properties Emollient, protective
Heat Stability Heat stable
Saponification Value 85-105
Storage 24-36 Months


Common Uses

  • Use 1-5% for a thicker consistency in creams, ointments and balms.
  • Add up to 10% to lipsticks and bars for a harder feel.
  • Creates a protective, occlusive layer that slows trans-epidermal water loss
  • Protects against environmental stressors
  • Add to barrier-type creams
  • Makes lovely candles which burn cleaner and with a more pleasant aroma than paraffin
  • Soap-making – adds hardness

Packaging – Supplied in resealable, aluminium pouches to fully protect your butter from light and air. Fully labelled with common name, botanical name, BBE date and batch code. SDS and Certificate of analysis available for download

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Recommended Reading: Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy & Massage (4th Edition, 2008) Len Price with Shirley Price

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