Conversion Charts

I’m based in the UK, so I tend to work in grams, millilitres and centigrade and these are the measures we use for the recipes we share here on our website. If you need to convert to different units of measure, or want to convert recipes you find elsewhere, we recommend this site:

Unit Converters – Quickly and easily convert weights, temperatures and volumes

I am always getting asked about converting from percentages to weight and vice versa, and realise that this is something that causes confusion to lots of people. To make it easy for myself, I created a Recipe Calculator that does the work for me and I’m happy to share that with you here. Simply choose the tab with the function you need then enter your data into the shaded boxes. The form will even calculate the cost of producing your product – vital if you are working to a budget or developing products to sell to the public. We recommend you use this tool to keep a record of your method and any other observations (as well as the formulation itself) so that all your information is kept together in one place.

                                                                    Download Recipe Calculator