Blending for Relaxtion

Blending for Relaxation

It seems to me that, over time, this core use for aromatherapy has become a little buried, pushed aside for more interesting and adventurous applications. Whilst I love to explore the new and different, it is so important that we remember how important essential oils are in our quest for release from the stresses of our modern world. That is why I am revisiting this topic for National Stress Awareness Month.

Without doubt, it is of primary importance that we first recognise and remove stresses from our lives where we can, before trying to learn effective ways of dealing with them where we cannot. My focus here is one small element in that process, but not one that should simply be shut away to use at bedtime in the closeted spaces of our own bedrooms and bathrooms. Its time to bring aromatherapy out of the darkness and integrate it into our daily lives. As such, this month you will find recipes for a Temple Stress Relief Balm and a Handbag Calming Spray that you can carry in your pocket and pull out whenever you need, as well as my old favourite blend for restful sleep and a soothing and nurturing Relaxing Massage Oil.

There are a multitude of oils that have been given the ‘relaxing’ tag, but as you learn to blend more discerningly, you will be able to choose those which have the right overall profile for your particular blend in a particular situation. Chamomile is known as one of the most effective oils for relaxing, but when we look more closely, its true use is in soothing and calming and it can have a strong soporific effect, so is really not the ideal choice for a blend designed to help you pull back from panic or anxiety during the day, instead being better suited to aiding peaceful sleep. It’s also important to take your own personal tastes into account; there is no point in choosing mandarin for your blend if the smell of oranges brings up a different memory or emotion for you, or if you simply don’t like it. So be sure to choose oils that you like.

To help you with choosing, here is my list of oils in this category, along with a little more information about their aroma, precise application and potential adverse effects to help you choose more effectively.

Oil Attribute Notes
Bergamot Relaxing, Combat Low Mood Light and refreshing, suited to use in the daytime
Chamomile Sedative Can be used for young children
Frankincense Calm Racing Thoughts Especially useful in meditation
Geranium Balancing Particularly suited to women and hormone related emotions
Jasmine Sedative Particularly useful for hormone related anxiety
Lavender Anti-Anxiety Can be used for young children
Mandarin Calming Light and uplifting, great to use in the day. Can be used for young children
Melissa Balancing, Confidence Light and uplifting, great to use in the day
Neroli Combat Low Mood Delicately nurturing
Palmarosa Calm Racing Thoughts Can be used for young children
Patchouli Relieve Anxiousness Adds a grounding, masculine note
Petitgrain Relive Anxiousness Light enough to use in the daytime
Sandalwood Sedative Grounding, strikes a chord deep within the basal chakra
Ylang Ylang Sedative Particularly useful in the evening and for sexual anxiety