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Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend

Recipe Sheet Sleep Easy Essential Oil Blend Difficulty Level: Easy A blend of pure essential oil that can be diffused, create the base of a room spray or can be added to other products.   Equipment List: Accurate Scales, Jug Formula: Ingredients % To Make 10ml To Make 1kg Lavender Essential Oil 60 6g 600g […]

Calming Aromatherapy Spray

Recipe Sheet Calming Aromatherapy Spray Difficulty Level: Easy A handy spray for a quick rescue at times when you are feeling anxiety and tension. Can also be used as a pillow spray to encourage restful sleep.   Equipment List: Accurate scales, Bowl or Jug Formula: Ingredients % To Make 100ml To Make 1kg Water 92 […]

Blending for Relaxtion

Blending for Relaxation It seems to me that, over time, this core use for aromatherapy has become a little buried, pushed aside for more interesting and adventurous applications. Whilst I love to explore the new and different, it is so important that we remember how important essential oils are in our quest for release from […]

Relaxing Massage Oil Blend

Relaxing Massage Oil Difficulty Level: Easy A synergistic blend of relaxing essential oils in a nourishing base, formulated for excellent skin feel. Equipment List: Accurate Scales, Bottle Formula: Ingredients % To Make 30g To Make 1kg Almond Oil 80 24g 800g Jojoba Oil 18 5.4g 180g Vitamin E 1 0.3g 10g Lavender Essential Oil 0.8 […]

Temple Stress Relief Balm

A simple balm that can be applied to the temples, wrists or nape of neck to bring yourself back from anxiousness and encourage a calm & clear state of mind Difficulty Level: Easy Equipment List: Bain Maire/Double Boiler, Small Jars, Accurate Scale, Spatula Formula: Ingredients % To Make 30g To Make 1kg Almond Oil 50 […]

Luscious Lips for Winter

Luscious Lips for Winter With the winter weather well and truly kicking in, and our customers in full swing creating gorgeous gifts for loved ones for the festive season, I thought I would share with you some ideas for simple and easy lip care. Let’s Get Balmy! Firstly – protect, protect, protect! Cold temperatures, wind […]

Chocolate Orange Bath Bomb Recipe

A great stocking filler, packed with chocolately orange aromas and great novelty value Difficulty Level: Medium  Equipment List: Accurate Scales, Bowl, Spatula, Mould, Spray bottle Formula: Ingredients % To Make 1kg Bicarbonate of Soda 53.5 535g Citric Acid 26.7 267g Corn Starch 15.7 157g Almond Oil 1.6 16g Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil 1.6 16g Chocolate […]

Ecological & Economical Gift Wrapping Ideas for your Handmade Christmas Goodies

Ecological & Economical Gift Wrapping Ideas for your Handmade Christmas Goodies So, you’ve been lovingly making sumptuous soaps, beautiful bath bombs and other gorgeous body treats for your friends and family. Now it’s time to turn them into something extra special by thinking about the presentation. A little extra time here really does make all […]